MOAA Scholarship Application

Military Officers Association of Sarasota

Scholarship Application

Completed applications (including all attachments) must be submitted by end of March 31, 2022. Incomplete applications and/or applications received after March 31, 2022 will not be considered for a scholarship.

Application revised December 2021 to electronic version; hardcopy versions not accepted.

Each section of this application has a numerical grading factor. If you leave a section blank, you will lose all points attributed to that section.

Notes: Please pay attention to the formatting conventions (e.g., YYYY-MM-DD, as form will not submit if incorrect.

This page is not able to save progress and will time out, so please review and prepare your answers beforehand (e.g., your essay can be prepared beforehand and pasted into the proper response box).

Application Form



For the following five sections (Awards & Recognition, Leadership, Community Service and Volunteer Work, Paid Work Experience, School Activities), you can download and use this Excel Workbook to submit additional achievements/experience beyond the three spaces provided for each category. Note: The Excel workbook has separate tabs for each category and should be included in the Zip file of required attachments submitted at the end of this form.

(Examples: National Honor Society, athletic, JROTC, scouting, school and community awards and recognition/honors.)

List all leadership positions held in the school, JROTC, or community (Examples: Student government officer, JROTC Regimental Commander, JROTC Company Commander, senior class VP, sports team captain, cheerleading squad leader, yearbook editor, first violin, etc.).

List all activities in which you have participated, and the positions held that demonstrate a service to your school or community. Please explain the nature of the activity, what your function is/was, and the amount of time spent weekly on each activity (Examples: any volunteering at school, camp, church, overseas missions, the Boys or Girls Club, mentoring programs, Habitat for Humanity, food programs, etc.).


List all additional activities and major accomplishments while in high school.

1. Current high school transcript (Signed)
2. ACT/SAT scores (Official – from your secure web account)
3. Letter(s) of Recommendation – at least one must be from a high school faculty member
4. Letter(s) of Acceptance from a post-secondary institution
5. (Optional) Excel Workbook with list of additional achievements/experiences