MOAA Scholarship Application

Military Officers Association of Sarasota

Scholarship Application

The application period for 2024 has ended.

Completed applications (including all attachments) must be submitted electronically No Later Than Midnight (2400 hours) March 31, 2024.

Incomplete applications and/or applications received after March 31, 2024 will not be considered for a scholarship.

Application form revised December 2022 to electronic version; hardcopy versions not accepted.

Each section of this application has a numerical grading factor. If you leave a section blank, you will lose all points allocated to that section.

Notes: Please pay attention to the formatting conventions (e.g., YYYY-MM-DD), as form will not submit if incorrect.

This page is not able to save progress and will time out, so please review and prepare your answers beforehand (e.g., your essay can be prepared beforehand and pasted into the proper response box).

Application Form